• Airtight Container
    (NF LOCK)

    A new concept airtight container that obtained patents from 5 countries in the world such as USA. It is an eco-friendly sealed container that has excellent sealing power and durability due to the locking mechanism of the assembled handle and is transparent to the body, lid and handle with the tritan material.

  • Storage Cabinet

    It is a plastic prefabricated product that can be used as a storage space for various models to fit the space desired by consumers. It is used for storage purposes in homes, offices, shops, etc. It is useful for optimizing convenience and space utilization.


    It is an environmentally friendly potted ornamental interior product that can grow fishes and plants at the same time. Aqua phonics household goods that grow plants with fish excretion and plants purify water and coexist together.

  • Package Products
    (Cap, bottle, cup)

    Milk bottles used mainly by domestic dairy companies. Lid. Cups and other products. With clean production process and high quality production technology and mass production facility, we are responding to rapidly changing consumer demand.

  • Water Sewer Socket
    (Newtility Pipe)

    It is a plastic connector product that completely solves the problems of joints of pipes in water and sewage construction.It is an excellent product that has obtained patents in Korea, China, Japan and Europe by electric fusion and connection method of flange socket pipe.

  • Mold

    It is a mold product produced by experienced engineers with 20 years of experience and Know How. We are ready to produce the best results in any engineering field with high accuracy.

Our Business Introduction of business
  • Package business Package
    Kitchen appliances Kitchen utensils
    Household items Household Supplies
    Construction materials Building material
  • Mold business Kitchen utensils
    R&D business Research and development
    OEM business Original Equipment
Vision, Mission & Value Mission and vision
    • We take care of people and nature together
    • We touch customers with excellent quality
    • Creation of value for customers with technology development, top quality and best service
    • Collaboration system to win-win with mutual trust and respect for the customers
    • Customer-oriented Customers management is the first priority.
      We always judge and evaluate from the perspective of the end consumer.
    • Creation innovation We create differentiated ideas beyond the existing frameworks.
      We continually find and implement a better way.
      We seek new ideas and attempts to break away from stereotypes.
    • The highest orientation
      • We focus on producing the best products.
      • We provide the best service to customers.
      • We cultivate excellent talents to produce the best products in the world.
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